Some of the creatures being found in toilets include…


The Sewer Rat
This guy goes wherever he wants, and eats whatever he finds.

A Big Cranky Looking Sewer Rat

A common sewer rat.

The good news is, the sewer rat probably didn’t come to eat you. It really wants what it smelled coming from your kitchen drains. However, if it arrives while you’re on the toilet, and you make it feel threatened or angered, it may bite.  But what’s more likely is, it will simply try to escape from the toilet via the open space between your legs.
The bad news is, that leaves you sitting on the toilet, with a panic stricken sewer rat running all over your bathroom floor. Good luck.


Squirrels & Chipmunks
Sure they’re cute. But NOT when they’re going nuts in your toilet bowl.

A Squirrel With A Nut.

The common tree rat.

Squirrels and chipmunks don’t actually come up from the sewer. Instead, they climb fall  down a sewer vent pipe on your roof. Then, while looking for an escape route, they, like the rat, end up in your toilet.
The difference is, the rat knows about sewers and how it got there. But for the squirrel, the entire adventure, starting with falling down a pipe, is totally outside it’s experience. Like being captured by a UFO. And now a giant alien (undoubtedly a squirrel eating giant alien) is looming over it. So as you try to remove it, be prepared for a very exciting close encounter. An encounter to which I suggest you bring your barbecue tongs and a pillow case.
Some are vegans…
and some ain’t.
A Large Iguana

Even vegan lizards can bite.

Compared to some lizards that have been found in toilets, the usually docile Iguana is by far a better find. However they do have a tendency to bite, and have long sharp claws for climbing. ‘Nuff said?


Vipers and Pythons and Boas. Oh My!
The good (?) news is, python and boa sightings outnumber venomous vipers.

A Cotton Mouth Ready To Bite.

Don’t Sit On Me.

Finding a large snake like a boa or python in the toilet has become such a frequent occurrence that it seems commonplace today. Fortunately, these giants tend to be a bit timid and usually try to flee. But serpents like this “Cottonmouth” or “Water Moccasin”, a venomous pit viper, are also being found…and they are NOT timid.


Not all scorpions live under rocks in the desert.

A Large Scorpion.

The Worst Nightmare Imaginable.

Did you know that scorpions frequently invade toilets, and can swim underwater? It’s true! Also, contrary to popular belief, they are not exclusively desert dwellers. In fact, they’re found on every continent except Antarctica. So keep your eyes open!


Can you imagine a big brown bat biting your butt?

A Brown Bat With Sharp Teeth.

Big Brown Bat – The Common North American Attic Bat.

Yes, bats really are showing up in toilet bowls. And although there is no proof of how they get there, it’s generally presumed that the bat was already in the house. Then, while trying to get a drink of water from the toilet, it got wet and couldn’t fly out.
So if you find one, it did you a favor. Because now you know that you need to check your attic. Or, you know you need to have someone else check your attic.


Black Widows HAVE been found in a U.S. sewer.

Black Widow Spider, Seen From Below

The Famed and Feared Black Widow

Okay, the BIG question. Can spiders travel from the sewer into your toilet? The straight answer is, yes and no, with mostly ‘no’ dominating. That’s because it has to get past the water in the gas trap, which is something most spiders can’t do. (If you don’t know what a gas trap is, watch the videos.) However…if the water in a gas trap has evaporated, perhaps while you were on vacation, the path for Mr. Spider is wide open.