Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Herein.
Still hoping the stories are myths?


Toilet Scorpion  (Cute)

Keith, the ten foot English toilet boa.  (Video link below photo.)
Another source of Keith’s story. (Video link top right of photo.)

A Seven Foot Python In Her Toilet.  The peed on python.

Rat!  Watch as a live rat travels from a New York sewer into someone’s apartment via their toilet.
Doncha just hate it when...

Snake wrangler catches huge carpet python in toilet.  Video
Snake wrangler catches huge carpet python in toilet.   Print

Bats In The Toilet

Puppy is rescued alive from sewer. So many spider webs!

Rat Genius  Know Your Enemy.  (Excellent, but has brief blank pauses between segments. Great segment at 20:10.)
A seven-year-old girl in Germany finds a boa in her toilet.

There’s  An Iguana In My Toilet!

‘Nother Toilet – ‘Nother Iguana

Rats in pipe

This American Life   Ira Glass audio

Woman chases a rat back into her toilet and flushes him.  YES!

A rat’s nose knows…land mines.

A rat’s nose knows…tuberculosis.

Sewer Inspection See a sewer from the inside.

The Blob.  And this is in a nice neighborhood!

A Sewer Rat With A Water Slide.

Stories In Print

Rats Choose Sweetness Over Cocaine. This is important because rats can follow the scent of a diabetic’s urine from the sewer back to the toilet.

Oh Rats! Eek!   A cute survivor’s tale.

If I have to have a scorpion in my toilet…Another cute story.

Seattle Rat Control  One city that is telling the truth.

Two and three foot Iguanas appear in toilets.

Carnivorous lizard in a Norway toilet.

 Rogue rats savage woman on toilet.

Venomous snake in toilet bites woman.
Venomous snake returns, bites woman again. OMG!

Black Widows Are Found In U.S. Sewer.

Squirrels are going nuts for toilets too.   By master plumber Ed Del Grande.

What Lurks Below the Loo? Another article by Ed Del Grande.

Snake in toilet bites a man’s penis.    Stupid Snake!

Python in 10th floor toilet

Six foot “baby” African Rock Python in Tampa Bay toilet  Just a few miles from ME!

An adult African Rock Python after eating an Impala. Click on the photos!